Training for Dublin 2

August 08, 2017

Training for Dublin 2

A week after my first run with the Athlone Moate running group, i came back with renewed enthusiasm for running long distances. 14 mile or (23km ish) was the plan for this week. So off we trotted on familiar route and with a few more faces than last week, the chat started almost immediately.

The usual questions were asked, how many runs this week, how far did you go, how are the injuries holding up, what races are coming up etc. The first question was the first time to be "gived out to" for me, at least this week. The others had run 4, 5 or 6 times in the previous week, i had not run since the previous Sunday run with the group. I had intended to, but never got round to it, which is a fair indication of where i am right now with this marathon. My only goal is not to get injured and to reach the start line. Maybe i need more motivation and maybe a time goal might be the trick. I have always had a problem with being realistic with these things but maybe considering the lack of running and long term injuries, maybe 30-40mins more than my pb of 3.14 would be a good aim.

The next time i was "gived out to" was for not taking any water on board which is not good for the body. 23km was a long time to be running on just  a banana and i should know better. 

One of the group told me that they had only started running 4 years ago on the track at the AIT. He could barely run a lap on his first session but within 3 years had completed a marathon in just over 4 hours. This is the sort of story that can inspire others to get started running. Even if a marathon is not a starting goal, just to get off the couch and start running. It may not be easy but you always feel better after it. 

The picture shows me basking in the cold waters of Lough Ree after the run. 10 mins in the water, up to my thighs with nicest cup of coffee ever, made my recovery that bit easier. 

Next week i have football training during the week and a football match the night before the long run with the group. I hope i dont get "gived out to" much!!