Entering Dublin City Marathon

July 30, 2017

Entering Dublin City Marathon

It is 5 years since my last marathon and nearly the same length since my last confession. In the meantime i have revisited my youth and gone back playing football, tore my cruciate ligament twice (the second time badly), gone back playing football again and only recently completed a sprint triathlon as a little bit of appetite for endurance sport returned. I then got the idea of running Dublin City Marathon again. I ran 5k a few times to see if the body remembered how to run and after completing 9k i decided to enter DCM.

Unfortunately i didnt run in the 4 weeks since entering and when told that it was only 3 months away, it was time to get my ass in gear. I ran 5k during the week and knew that i needed help. Under the guidance of a friend Tom Burke, the Athlone Moate Running group leave at 8.30 every Sunday morning. So off i trotted this morning, expecting that i would turn for home after 6k and manage 12k at a push. However running in a group was a very pleasant experience as most of my previous running experience was as a lone ranger. There was great craic and slagging between the lads around me, the pace was kept very steady and we were all able to chat along the way. All the lads and ladies finished together and most headed for a coffee afterwards. I went straight to the lake and stood watching a few friends swim practice for Ironman for 10 minutes and headed home delighted with myself after 21k completed. 

My knee seemed to get through today without any problems and im looking forward to the group run next Sunday. Hopefully i will manage another run during the week along with football training as a third session. The aim is to get to the start line and be able to wear the yellow 5 band for ever more. #OneStepAtATime

Remember "everything is possible to those who believe" #osaatsport.com