One Step At A Time Dublin 3

August 20, 2017

One Step At A Time Dublin 3

Just to give a quick update on where i am with regard to training for Dublin.


Week 1 2 runs 26km total

Week 2 1 run 23km total

Week 3 1 run 22km total

Week 4 2 runs 35km total

Im not exactly tearing the world apart but im slowly gaining confidence that i can accomplish the main goal of getting to the start line. I am hoping to run 2-3 times a week for the last 10 weeks and no more. Recovery from the long run is key to being able to run without being tired or injured.

I am 18 months after acl knee surgery and that is the reason for my caution. One slight issue that may cause problems, is that i have agreed to play a few soccer matches starting next weekend for my old team. Being able to marry the two may not be easy as recovery from the games will be even more important than the long run recovery.

Last week i was unable to run with the group as it was the night after a game and with a broken toe, dead leg and assorted pains i left the long run until the following night. Running 22km on my own was so much harder than running with the group. Maybe finishing in darkness didnt help, but i struggled at the end. Today i was back with the group and 26km seemed very doable. We chatted away and were half way round before i knew where we were. Afterwards i went straight to the lake with my coffee and 3 of the group followed. I had as much food as i could eat afterwards and feel great within an hour of the run. I would love to know how others recover after long runs?

Next week the group are away and i have a match on the saturday night. The long run on the sunday could be tough.