Marcs Blog 5. The 100 Marathon Man

October 21, 2014

We have the first owner of the White 100 OSAAT Marathon Band. Of course I had to meet this man and last week I travelled to County Monaghan to meet Shane McCarville. I didn’t know what to expect when I met Shane, I kind of expected him to be meeting me between a morning run and an afternoon run. Maybe I had a preconceived idea that this man’s body must be so finely tuned to avoid all the injury pitfalls that come with running 1 marathon let alone 100.

However after meeting the very affable Shane, his story bears similar traits to that of Gerry Duffy of 32 marathons in 32 days fame. He was 15 stone when he started training for his first marathon and a smoker. He got through his first marathon like most of us do, a bit of a struggle, we promise we will never do this again but get there in the end.

But he decided to run another marathon and this time he was hooked, and he decided he was going to run 10 marathons in a year and did so. By now Shane was loving what training every day was doing to his body, his mind and his life in general.

Last year Shane decided to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks. I was sitting there wondering how much this must cost, the logistics of finding marathon races to travel to and all that goes with it. When running a marathon, for it to count, there are many stipulations and no training run counts towards your total.

Shane being Shane, of course not only completed 52 marathons last year but went on to complete 70 marathons which is an absolute astonishing achievement. Of course reaching 100 marathons was now within sight and he duly completed his 100th marathon in his home County, Monaghan on Oct 5th this year surrounded by family and friends.

As you can see, Shane has a few momento’s of his achievements on the wall, and I don’t think I will ever see such a superb selection of medals. It just shows that race organisers really put the effort into their medal and to see them like this was impressive.