Marcs Blog 6. The Brighton Marathon

September 24, 2014

Marcs Blog 6. The Brighton Marathon

OSAAT took its first steps into the UK last week at the Brighton marathon Expo. Brighton marathon is the 2nd biggest marathon in the UK bar London with over 9200 finishers last Sunday. Brighton itself was full of life with huge crowds in the city, not only for the marathon but as it was the end of the holidays.

The expo itself was a great event and a very worthwhile experience for runners and exhibitors alike. There were massive booths from race sponsors like Saucony, some new innovative products, Joe Pavey captivated the audience when speaking and of course OSAAT Sport was there.

The positivity from people towards what we are trying to achieve was overwhelming. Some bought the band for themselves, some bought the band for friends, some signed up to our Newsletter and some just simply told us how cool they thought the idea was.

I did meet some of the most amazing people I am ever likely to meet and they were a reminder why we do what we do. From Kerrie Whitney who is on a quest to complete over 15 marathons in 15 months while fundraising for her charity. Duncan Shepherd, a softly spoken South African who has over 100 marathons to his credit said he will have difficulty remembering them for our database. The Scottish lady who has ran 340 odd marathons and of course Paul Watts. Paul was introduced to me by the expo director Karen and it was extraordinary to meet someone like Paul. Paul has ran 277 marathons as he told me and loved everyone of them. The slight difference with Paul is that he is blind and runs every marathon with a guide. Meeting Paul changed my perspective on what I can achieve, for the better.

After the Expo I was shattered after spending 2 full days talking and talking and talking. However it was a great experience and im sure I will be back again next year. For now it’s a case of getting ready to go to the London Marathon next week.