Training for Dublin 4

October 22, 2017

Training for Dublin 4

Its been a while since i updated my training blog for Dublin and as its only a week away my training totals are almost complete.

Week 1 2 runs 26km total

Week 2 1 run 23km total

Week 3 1 run 22km total

Week 4 2 runs 35km total

Week 5 2 runs 37km total + one football match 90mins 

Week 6 2 runs 39km total

Week 7 No runs + one football match 90mins

Week 8 3 runs 51km total

Week 9 2 runs 66km total + one football match 25mins

Week 10 2 runs 48km total

Week 11 1 run 14km + one football match 90mins

Week 12 2 runs 52km total + one football match 90mins

Week 13 1 run 16km

This week i hope to run 8km easy on wed and then run the marathon on Sunday. That will leave me with a total of 22 runs in 14 weeks for the marathon plus a few football matches. 

The above number of runs is very small but there was a method to my madness. First off i never missed a long run, even in week 7 i did the long run on the Monday as i had a match on the Sunday. Second off i was starting the plan after 6 months of soccer training so i wasnt starting from scratch. Thirdly i am less than 2 years since i had knee cruciate surgery and avoiding injury was my number one goal, even if this meant i am a fraction under cooked for the day.

I am constantly getting asked about what sort of time i am aiming for and i find it a difficult question to answer on the back of a very unusual training plan. I have completed most of my long runs with the "Athlone Moate Running Group" (thank god for these guys) who are aiming for sub 4 hours and then the odd long one on my own. I found my running pace which i try to keep at conversation pace getting quicker and quicker leaving my at somewhere between 3hrs 30 and 40 with all going well. As im not near a pb it would be nice to enjoy the day and even take a few selfies and get to show my little girl what her daddy does in his spare time. Whether i trust myself to go slow enough to do this is another story.

Anyway keep an eye an other blogs such as how to carb load and your marathon checklist for final preparation. Best of luck to everyone next week. Let us know how ye got on and make sure you come and say hello at the expo in Dublin.