Marcs Blog 1. You become the freak of nature

September 24, 2014

Welcome to the first blog of the OSAAT marathon band. Some if not most of you will have completed a marathon by now. Some will have completed a few marathons and more may have completed numerous marathons judging by the members of 100 marathon clubs. We run and we love running and the achievement of completing a marathon is something to be immensely proud of.

Do we remember what we first thought of marathon runners?? My first reaction to hearing that people run 26.2miles without stopping was one of amazement. What sort of a person does that? Maybe they have a compulsive obsessive disorder. There must be something wrong with those people, maybe they have a mad determination gene or be freak of nature.

When I had that point of view, I played sport but I never ran any more than 1mile and the effort to do that hurt too much to think about.

When we start running, we really are not thinking about a marathon. We are running to get fit, to lose weight, to be part of a club or we are too old for previous sports. But we are never starting running so that we can run a marathon.

When does this change take place? When do we go from thinking marathon runners are a freak of nature to becoming the freak of nature! Is it after completing our first 5km race, that the feeling of accomplishment is so great that it spurs us on to better things like a 10km or a half marathon. Or is it when we start running we see another person who has run a marathon and they are not quite as mad as we first thought. In fact, they don’t really look much different to ourselves in physique or age or ability.

Running a marathon is genuinely scary for people who do not run so maybe the next time you would like a friend to start running, don’t mention the marathon and start them slowly at a short distance like we all once did. You never know when they might turn into the freak of nature.