About us

Inspire yourself to achieve more!

Marc Butler is a firm believer in that completing a marathon is a life changing experience, and one that should be recognized. Fueled with a passion for endurance events and brimming with entrepreneurial energy, Marc felt that acknowledging one's achievements is as important as doing them.

Having completed the Ironman Austria, Challenge Barcelona, Challenge Roth and the Dublin Marathon, Marc has a great understanding of the determination, preparation and sacrifices a marathon runner has to endure. He also relates to the euphoric ending that often makes one want to do it over and over again.

With millions of people partaking in marathons across the globe each year, Marc was set on finding a way to unite like minded endurance athletes and amateurs. Acting on an idea, he founded OSAAT Marathon Bands. Since its creation, he has been working hard on delivering a worldwide community, and an inspiring reward scheme to the vast numbers of motivated fun runners and competitive athletes across the globe.

“ I remember when I registered for my second marathon, I was wearing the T-shirt from my first , and I wasn't alone. It seemed everyone else had the same idea too! I wanted to create something to remind runners of their performances and achievements, a 'badge of honour' that could be worn subtly every day. A marathon is a story of each individual's personal growth, and strength of body and mind. A Marathon Band is a constant hint of ones capabilities to exceed their comfort zone. ”

OSAAT was created to represent each person's journey, what will be yours?