Why purchase an OSAAT Marathon Band?
The OSAAT Marathon Band is an alternative to wearing the t-shirt, the medal or even a tattoo. Completing a marathon can mean so many things to so many people and is an immensely proud moment of most people’s sporting lives. The OSAAT Marathon band is a subtle way of identifying yourself as a marathon runner and it can be worn 24/7.
Can anyone buy the OSAAT Marathon Band?
Only someone who has completed a marathon can wear the product. However if someone wants to buy a present of the OSAAT Marathon Band for a loved one, then they will have let us know who the band is for when ordering the product.
Where in the world will you ship the OSAAT Marathon Band?
We ship the OSAAT Marathon Band to anywhere in the world.
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is charged at a flat rate of €4.99 anywhere in the world!
How do I know to purchase the right colour?
Go to our "Discover Your Colour" page and select the colour equal to the number of marathons you have run, click on that colour and the correct number and colour band will automatically appear.
Can I buy the number 2 OSAAT Marathon Band if I have done 5 marathons?
Yes of course, but you can’t buy the number 5 OSAAT Marathon Band if you have only completed 2 marathons.
Does the OSAAT Marathon Band have a warranty?
Yes the OSAAT Marathon Band has a 6 month warranty. Just send us a picture of the damaged band and we will send you another one right away.
Can I wear the OSAAT Marathon Band 24/7?
The OSAAT Marathon Band can be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It can be worn while showering, but many people remove it when bathing to keep the product dry.
Can I wear the OSAAT Marathon Band while bathing, swimming or surfing?
Yes, the OSAAT Marathon Band can be worn while bathing swimming or surfing. If you like to wear the band loosely, it may be better to take it off. It should be thoroughly rinsed out after being in salt water to preserve its appearance.
Can I wear OSAAT Marathon Band while wearing a wristwatch?
It is no problem to wear the OSAAT Marathon Band on the same wrist as your watch but many find it more comfortable to wear it on the opposite wrist.
Should I wear the OSAAT Marathon Band on the left wrist or the right wrist?
You can wear the OSAAT Marathon Band on either wrist.