Story of the OSAAT marathon wrist Band

The idea

Registering for my second marathon, I realised how important it was for me to wear the t-shirt from my first marathon. It was a few weeks later before I put 2 and 2 together and I knew I wanted to show my achievement off at every opportunity. I cant pinpoint the exact time of the eureka moment but the OSAAT marathon wristband was born.

Sharing the idea

It was weeks if not months when I was away with a friend and we were both at a crossroads in our careers, when I mentioned the idea. He wasn’t a runner but for some reason it struck a chord with him. We had a little discussion about it but nothing too serious. It was 2 weeks after that, the same friend rang and suggested that I take the idea as far I can without spending money.

Feedback from 10 marathon runner friends.

The feedback from 10 friends was 100% positive, with a few more ideas thrown in. By now I had come up with the idea of the colour code to the band. That there would be 8 colours indicating 8 numbers of marathons. IE the red band shows you have ran 1 marathon, the yellow band shows you have ran 5 marathons etc.


Many different ideas were mentioned at this point and we will research some of these ideas as time goes on. But the original idea still stood out as being the easiest to implement. Finding out if there was anything like this out there was now the priority and tools like google alerts were very useful at this point. Every expo at major marathons worldwide was also searched. We didn’t find anything like our product out there.

The next step

It was now time to make a decision and to spend money on the project. The thought process at first was to design a product, manufacture it and away ya go. We decided to find a product manufacturer.

Product manufacturer

After weeks of research I decided on going with a company that was not too big or too small and fitted the product. The cost was a lot more than I had estimated and my lack of cash meant that the first payment was a massive step! There was now, no turning back!

First designs

After an initial consultation we got to work. I had no idea what the product would look like but I knew what I liked and what it should stand for. The OSAAT band would have to have the ability to be worn when running but also at all other times. The crossover was the sport and jewellery elements and how this would work together. Here is one of the very first designs we looked at.

Completing the first design.

We had looked at 7 designs before we settled our initial design of the product. This process was a huge learning curve, in communication of your idea. We were lucky to have extremely good people to create and design our product. The first design looked like this.

Our first prototype

We got our first prototype and i wore it every day for a few months. It was clear that there were a few issues and we had to go back to the drawing board. We were happy with the design but the wristband was too chunky and too hard to open and close.

3d printouts

After another few months of testing, we were able to adjust the wristband to fit and look the way we wanted it to. We were able to get 3d printing print outs of the product to decide on size and shape.

 The next design

We were able to get another prototype of the new product. The product was now light, slick and was very easy to get on and off. We were happy with this design but it was clear that we needed to start a new brand to compliment the product.

Branding the product

We hired a branding company and were given over 100 names to choose from. The brand guidelines and taglines were also set up. “OSAAT” was the name that was chosen, and it stands for “one step at a time”. Very appropriate as most marathon runners will agree.

A big step

We decided at this stage to add verification to the buying process to add prestige and value to the product. This meant that every owner of the OSAAT marathon wrist band had to verify that they had run a marathon before purchasing the band. Only marathon runners could own this product. This is the first box design for the product.

Complete design

After branding the product, we added the brand to the design and here is the complete design of the number 1 band. The number one band is red as you can see.

8 colours

We have 8 colours standing for 8 different numbers of marathons ran. 1,2,3,5,10,20,50 and 100. What colour are you?


Step 1. Complete a marathon. Step 2. Verify your results. Step 3 show the world you succeeded.